Weddings with a Sweep

A 400 Year Old Good Luck Tradition on Your Wedding Day!

400 years ago, so the legend goes, a chimney sweep saved the life of a King. So impressed was the King he invited the sweep to attend the wedding of his daughter.

He was introduced to the princess who greeted him warmly for saving the life of the King. When the sweep shook hands with the groom and kissed the bride this was seen as passing on good luck.

After this, chimney sweeps became a popular sight at weddings. Royalty have had a chimney sweep attend every wedding since then. Through the years there have been many different tales of just how the sweep saved the life of the King, but the luck of the sweep being at the wedding has always stayed true.

Our professional sweeps will help you carry on this European tradition. Dressed in traditional 18th Century style, a sweep will attend your wedding to transfer the sweeps luck, health and happiness.

Our friendly sweep will greet you at the Church or Reception where he will present you with a gift and a scroll with a poem, featuring the date of the wedding and of course your names.

We are a professional chimney sweep company servicing Victoria with a domestic, commercial and industrial sweeping service. You can be assured that the sweep who attends your wedding will be a real sweep.