Domestic Division – All Areas Chimney Sweeps

A clean chimney is a safer chimney. Safer for you and the environment too!!

Domestic Chimney Sweeps VictoriaAll Areas Chimney Sweeps‘ provides a professional sweeping service to wood heating flues and open fireplace chimneys.

Additional services offered include possum grids, installation of cowls and dampers, ongoing effective operation assistance.

Dampers –

  • STOP heat loss up the chimney when using alternate heating
  • STOP birds and possums making their way inside
  • STOP blowflies, insects and wasps from entering in summer

Michael O’Connor & Son Industries also remove beehives from chimneys. Prior to removal, the beehive must be dusted to get rid of the bees. The beehive should be removed soon after pesticide dusting to prevent infestation with opportunistic robber bees.

Pivot Heating

Free Wood Heater Flue Sweep Offer – Pivot Stove & Heating

Terms & Conditions

The offer of a “Free Wood Heater Flue Sweep” is subject to Terms and Conditions as stated below –
The offer of a free Wood Heater flue sweep is provided by Michael O’Connor & Son (hereafter known as “the Service Provider”). It is exclusive to the initial purchaser and is not transferable. It entitles the Purchaser to the first flue sweep free of charge (excluding the Call Out fee). Cancellation fees may apply. It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to complete and return this flyer to the Service Provider within 12 months from date of purchase. Initial contact will then be made by the Service Provider to the Purchaser/Resident at 12 months from date of purchase. This offer is valid for 18 months from date of purchase. Time and date for service to be carried out are to be agreed upon by both parties (Purchaser/Resident and the Service Provider). Pivot Stove & Heating holds no responsibility for this service and any enquiries should be directed to Michael O’Connor & Son Industries Pty Ltd Customer Service on 1300 651 631